Group Programs

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum collects, preserves, researches, and interprets a collection of artifacts relating to Western Canada’s French-Canadian and Métis heritage, while acknowledging the historical contributions of the First Nations and religious communities. The Museum aims to provide visitors with experiences that will encourage greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of the French-Canadian and Métis cultures in Manitoba. 


Museum Tour

1 Hour. All ages. Capacity 30.

Enjoy a guided tour of the Museum and let our engaging interpreters lead the way. Wind you way through artfully curated exhibits that include: the early inhabitants of the region; the fur trade; the Métis, Louis Riel and the creation of the province of Manitoba; the history of the Grey Nuns; the Red River cart, and a choir loft overlooking the beautifully restored chapel. Second floor exhibits are currently undergoing renewal.

$7 + GST / person

Outdoor Walking Tours


The Women who made us

1 hour. Grade 6 and up. Capacity 10.

Ranging from a clandestine kidnapping to a devastating candle making accident. The first women to make a salary in the Canadian west to the empire of healthcare established in St-Boniface. History reveals the contributions made by women that have forged our community.

This hour-long tour includes markers that celebrate architects, artists, authors, and contemporary artisans.

$7 + GST / person


Mocassin Walk

1 hour. Grade 6 and up. Capacity 10.

Like many Indigenous languages, Michif is a descriptive language. Sometimes several words in French are used to designate a thing or item: “l’arbre à saint” (saints’ tree) for sage; “graines bleues” (blue seeds) for blueberries; and “souliers mous” (soft shoes) for mocassins!

Who are the Métis “of the Red River”? What stories can deepen our understanding of the Métis, help us celebrate their history, and stand in solidarity with them! From the notorious MacDoug, a tireless ferry operator, to the tragic fate of Elzéar Goulet. From self-governance during large buffalo hunts to the entrepreneurial spirit of dedicated millers. We will share stories, big and small, to recognise the complexity of the Métis nation.

$7 + GST / person

Bottine's Walk

Saint-Boniface Cemetery Tour

1 Hour. All ages. Capacity 30.

Visit the oldest cemetery in Western Canada and discover its history. Learn about illustrious contributors to Manitoba history while visiting some important gravesites, including Louis Riel’s. Step into the ruins of the Basilica that burned in 1968 and see the spectacular stained-glass windows in the most recent and modern of St. Boniface’s five cathedrals. *Popular choice: this tour is most often booked as a complement to the museum tour.

$7 + GST / person

Special Notes

* Minimum fees may apply. Reservations are required a week in advance in order to schedule the appropriate amount of tour guides. Once all the details have been captured, you will receive a confirmation sheet by email; it must be signed and returned to us to finalize your booking. *All bookings include self-guided discovery of the Museum before or after your program/tour.

Outdoor picnic tables are available for your use (our indoor classroom may be available during inclement weather). Please request when making your reservation, if required.

To reserve your guided tour or other program, please email or call 204-237-4500 ext. 420