Activities At Home

A collection of coloring pages, word searches, and crosswords available for free for you to use.

Other Activities

  • Find the objects

    Take a good look at the bedroom on the 2nd floor of the museum! Can you find these items hidden within the display?

  • Memory game

    Here’s a fun little historically themed memory game!

  • Video capsule questionnaires

    Did you like our video capsules this summer? If you’re curious to find out how much information you remember from our historical capsules, these questionnaires will be great for you! If you haven’t been following our videos, no worries! Test your knowledge by first watching the video on our YouTube channel: LeMuséedeSaintBonifaceMuseum. Then fill out the corresponding questionnaire and check your answers with the answer key!

  • Grey Nuns' Monuments Saint-Boniface Walking Tour

    The Grey Nuns played many roles in the development of health care and education in our community. Therefore, there are quite a few different plaques and monuments commemorating their efforts all over the city. Here is a quick little walking tour of the ones found near the Saint-Boniface Museum!