Honouring Our Mothers

A Tracy Charette Fehr Project

This is the launch of a series of gathering of groups of Métis women, girls and gender diverse/LGBTQ2 together in sewing, stitching, beading circles. We will be naming our female ancestors, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and then stitching these names onto textile/fabric/fur/hide pieces.

These gatherings will be opportunities for sharing stories, strengthening relationships and sharing skills and knowledge. (The pieces made in these circles will be displayed at Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum at the end of September to coincide with the National day for Truth and Reconciliation).

The project is in honour of Métis women. Gathering together in small circles to create art in beading, quillwork and embroidery will revive interest and skills in traditional art forms that were important to our Métis mothers and grandmothers Coming together to create art can ease tension, reduce stress and increase confidence.

Using culturally specific materials like thread, beads and quill not only advance the art form but also contribute to a stronger sense of identity and connection. The sewing/stitching circles will be a place for Metis women and girls to get together while stitching and honouring the women past and present who have made an impact in our lives.

It is my hope that creating art together in community will connect women and girls through story, family and Métis culture... Through community artmaking, we will empower each other to take risks, to share stories and to revive skills that have been lost

My aim is to facilitate bonds of culture, spirit and community among participants and among groups. The completed textile pieces will represent the voices of the art makers as much as the women whose names are woven into the final artwork.

Tracy Fehr - Honouring Our Mothers simpletix (750 x 472 px) (900 x 1200 px)