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Honouring Our Mothers

A Tracy Charette Fehr Project

May 11 to September 28 2024
Saturdays 12:00 CST via ZOOM

I am excited about embarking on a project that brings Métis women, girls and two-spirited together to embroider and bead the names of our grandmothers, mothers, aunties, daughters, sisters and cousins onto textile pieces. The gatherings will be opportunities for making art together and sharing stories, strengthening relationships and sharing skills and knowledge.

The completed pieces will become a collaborative art piece that commemorates the lived and lived experiences of Métis women. The final work will be presented to the wider community in late 2024.

It is my hope that creating art together in community will connect Métis women, girls and two-spirited through story, family and Métis culture. The impact will be to strengthen communities of Métis/Indigenous women internally and create natural networks of support with one another across our homeland. Through community art-making, we will empower each other to take risks, to share stories and to revive skills that have been lost through attempts at colonial assimilation and disconnection.

Supplies are simple – a 12 x 14 piece of reclaimed/pre-used or recently purchased wool. We have been using HBC blanket pieces and/or pre-used wool from blankets. You can also use a thinner material/textile and attach interfacing to the back for support for stitching.

Embroidery thread/floss of your choosing, beads, sewing and beading thread, embroidery needles sized 3-5, and or beading needles for whatever sized beads that you use. Cotton printed fabrics (pre-used or purchased) for appliqueing onto the wool or textile are fun to use. Jackie Traverse Ojibwe are an option if purchasing new.

  • 12 x14 inch fabric/wool
  • 1-4 embroidery and/or beading needles
  • scissors
  • embroidery floss of your choice and colour
  • beads of your choice, size and colour
  • pre-used or purchased printed cotton
  • interfacing (optional)
Tracy Fehr - Honouring Our Mothers simpletix (750 x 472 px) (900 x 1200 px)