Stories of resilience and hope

June 18 - Septembre 30, 2023

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum is pleased to present “StoryShifters”. This exhibition is the culmination of a four-year long project supported by the Canada Council. The project was an exploration and a creation to give voice to the compelling stories and resilience of 6 First Nations and Métis women: Cheryl N Bird, Patricia Caribou, Pauline Hince, Chris Larocque Larsen, Linda Manitowabi, and Victoria McIntosh.

Through this process of storytelling, sharing Indigenous knowledge, and creating art together the actions of the group evokes hope and understanding. In the process of telling these stories to others “StoryShifters” aims to bring meaning and a sense of belonging and connection, not only to the artists’ own lives but to the lives of their families and communities.

This is important right now because it is a time in history when deep healing and reconciliation is being recognized as a valuable contribution to our society as a whole. This project may give new perspectives to communities that may not otherwise have had the opportunities to experience the power of such stories.

Read more about the exhibit, the artists, and their artwork in this pamphlet!

Visit the following link to watch their story. 

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