This program is only offered in English.

Let yourself be guided by Barbara & Clarence Nepinak into the world of storytelling and legends. Come in and make yourself comfortable as you settle into Winnipeg’s oldest building. This activity is free of charge and is intended to children and their parents. All are welcome!
About Barbara & Clarence Nepinak
Barbara Nepinak, a member of Pine Creek First Nation is a retired mother/grandmother of 35 yrs of federal public service.  Barbara is active in the Urban and surrounding areas serving on Advisory Councils and Boards as Elder and Cultural Advisor…Presently, serves on the Special Indigenous Advisory Council to the Canadian Human Rights Museum, Board member of The Forks Foundation
Board and National Board member for the Cultural Human Resources Council in Ottawa as well as providing Elder teachings in the  7Oaks Schools division. Barbara has also received recognition awards such as the Recipient of the Keeping the Fires Burning through Ka ni Kanichuik and was twice recognized with the Citizenship Award by previous Mayors. Barbara is also an interpreter/translater for CanTalk a national organization that provides language services.
 Clarence and Barbara are also Cultural Advisors for Staff for APTN – Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.  They are also Elders and Advisors for the First Peoples Investment Inc. which provide training and developments opportunities for First Nations and Metis organizations.
Clarence Nepinak a member of Pine Creek First Nation is retired from the prov/federal service of 27 yrs. continues to serve on national and local Boards and committees.  Clarence is also a member of the Special Indigenous Advisory council for the Cdn. Human Rights Museum, Board member of the St. James Historical Museum, national Board member for Healthy Aboriginal Network in Vancouver.  Clarence and Barb have been on the Advisory Council members at U of Brandon as well as Arts & Cultural Industries, Research in Developmental Origins of Chronic Diseases in Children Network (DEVOTION)Research Projects with U of Mb and the other one is SPOR – Strategy for Patient Oriented Research. 
 Clarence has also developed an Historical Oral History Walking Tour which takes place on selected dates in July/August  and is sponsored by the Forks Renewal Corporation . Private engagements are also accommodated. Clarence has  also receiving a recognition award from Keeping the Fires Burning through Ka Ni Kanichuik with  his contributions of Wisdom and Knowledge.
 Both Barb & Clarence have been recognized as Traditional Wisdom Keepers by the Circle of Educators of Manitoba.  Both receive the Queens Golden Jubilee Awards. Clarence is also a recipient of the Silver Jubilee award. Both have been involved with various schools in the Artist in the School program with cultural teachings.  Both individuals have been delivering school and public programming at The Forks for the last 20 yrs. Barb & Clarence continue to teach at the School Division in the Ojibwe language. They also share traditional stories and Legends at The Forks for all school divisions during the winter season. Winter programming is also on-going.
 Both have recently appointed to a National Board for Climate Change initiatives based with federal government and First Nation Representatives based in Ottawa.
 Both have traveled internationally as Cultural Ambassadors to represent Canada to places like Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Santiago, Chile.
Barb & Clarence continue to work where they are needed and completed a cultural based program at Assiniboine Park Zoo,   Ojibwe language instruction at the Millenium Library and continue to provide Ojibwe language instruction in 7 Oaks school division. Both recently were appointed to  CIHR national Patient Oriented Research Council.
 Barb and Clarence have also provided Ojibwe language services for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics for APTN Broadcasters.
 They also have two registered businesses…SummerBear Dance Troupe which share the oral history of the various dances as well as Anishinabe First Speakers which provides translation/interpretation of the Ojibwe language. 
They are referred to as Cultural Ambassadors by various Leadership representing Canada and First People Nations
 The Troupe was awarded the first Aboriginal Tourism Award from Travel Manitoba.