Virtual School Programs

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum collects, preserves, researches, and interprets a collection of artifacts relating to Western Canada’s French-Canadian and Métis heritage, while acknowledging the historical contributions of the First Nations and religious communities. The Museum aims to provide visitors and students with experiences that will encourage greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of the French-Canadian and Métis cultures in Manitoba. Our autumn 2021 programs offer virtual learning experiences designed to complement Manitoba social studies curriculum! Due to the ever-changing nature of COVID-19 restrictions, program availability and/or capacity may be subject to change.


My Museum Masterclass

1 hour. Grades 3 to 8.

Enjoy a 30-minute guided tour of the Virtual Museum online platform through Zoom, Teams or Google Duo. Let our experienced interpreters lead the way through four artfully curated exhibits that include: the history of the Grey Nuns; the creation of the province of Manitoba in the beautifully restored chapel; the Red River cart and the bison hunt; a turn of the century country kitchen. Choose between two interactive 30-minute games (Riddles or Speedy Success) to complement the tour. 

You will also receive a printable activity booklet to continue the fun afterwards. Your class will also have access to the virtual museum until the end of June! 

Virtual tour and interactive game. Maximum 30 participants.

Free until the end of December 2021.


Virtual Museum Tour

1 hour. All ages.

Enjoy a guided one-hour tour of our Virtual Museum through Zoom, Teams or Google Duo. Let our experienced interpreters lead the way through artfully curated exhibits that include: the early inhabitants of the region; the fur trade; the Métis, Louis Riel and the creation of the province of Manitoba; the history of the Grey Nuns; the Red River cart; wool, looms and traditional textile arts; a turn of the century country kitchen; a 1920’s townhouse and, a choir loft overlooking the beautifully restored chapel.

1 hour virtual tour. $200 per group of 30 participants.


Documentary: "A Visit with Dr. Phil"

1 hour.

The St. Boniface Museum is situated in the largest oak log structure in North America and houses an impressive collection of artifacts. With a national reputation for its Louis Riel exhibit, thousands of people visit every year to celebrate and better understand how Canada’s fifth province entered Confederation.

A Visit with Dr. Phil captures historian Philippe Mailhot, Ph.D., inside the museum where he previously researched and worked for well over 30 years. From his privileged vantage point as former Director of the St. Boniface Museum, he’s got quite a few stories to tell.

We asked him the most popular questions about Francophone and Métis history, and he answered them in his famous and beloved ‘Dr. Phil’ storytelling way…

$100 for 72-hour access to stream the documentary.

Schools and educational organizations receive a 40% discount for 2021.

Special Notes

* Minimum fees may apply. Reservation requests are required at least a week in advance for scheduling purposes. Once all the details have been captured, you will receive a confirmation sheet by email; it must be signed and returned to us to finalize your booking.

In case of a cancellation, please give the Museum 48 hours’ advance notice, to avoid being billed. In the case of unexpected closures or inability to participate/deliver due to Covid-19, the school and/or MSBM will communicate as soon as possible to advise of cancellation and attempt to reschedule. No fees will be charged in this circumstance. 

To reserve your guided tour or other program, please email or call 204-237-4500 ext. 420