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Summer Programming

We offer daycare groups a tailored selection of “flash visit” programs designed to give children a sampling of life in the good ol’ days. Daycare programs are available Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Each program includes a 15-minute tour, focusing on exhibits relevant to your chosen 30-minute activity. Choose one activity for a short visit or extend your stay by choosing two activities. To make a reservation, please contact us at or (204) 237-4500 ext.420.

Capacity 30

$3.50 for one program / $5 for two programs

manitba symbols

Manitoba Symbols

(Ages 4-9)

What represents Manitoba to you? Symbols like the Bison, Red River Cart and Beaver are all around us! Come make your own Manitoba flag.


Butter Making

(Ages 4-9)

Try your hand at making – and tasting – some homemade butter.


Voyageur Games

(Ages 4-9)

Discover what it was like to be a voyageur during your own canoe voyage, relay race style!


Traditional Games

(Ages 4-9)

Come play croquet and horse shoes and learn about these traditional games.


Laundry Day

(Ages 4-9)

Doing the laundry is much more interesting when you do it with a washboard and some good ol’ elbow grease!


Fur Trading Blankets (NWCo & HBC)

(Ages 7-12)

Learn why blankets were very popular in the fur trading era and paint your own sample to take home.

ink pen

Quill Pen Writing

(Ages 7-14)

Write your name or the alphabet using a goose quill and ink, just like kids in school a hundred years ago.


Finger Weaving

(Ages 10-12)

Learn about the Ceinture Fléchée and make a finger woven friendship bracelet.



(Ages 10-12)

Learn about the ancient art of embroidery and make a sample to take home.