In Riel’s Footsteps



SCHOOL PROGRAM (From May 22nd to June 29th, 2018)


Reservations are required a week in advance so that enough guides are available.

You will receive a confirmation by email; it must be signed and returned to complete the reservation. In case of a cancellation, please give the Museum 48 hours’ advance notice, to avoid being billed. *All bookings include self-guiding in the Museum before or after your program/tour.

To reserve your program, please email or by phone 204-237-4500 ext. 420

Length             Age Group                                 Cost                                     Capacity

120 min.           Grade 5 & up                      $12                                             100


*This play is followed or started by a museum tour.

In Riel’s Footsteps is a bilingual outdoor guided tour of the Saint-Boniface Cathedral’s cemetery, an interactive experience that makes learning about French-Canadian and Métis heritage fun and exciting!

Your guide is Angélique Nolin, Western Canada’s first lay school teacher, a dynamic character who knows a “hole” lot about Manitoba’s history.  She makes sure your visit is anything but a dull history lesson.  From the arrival of the first explorers to the birth of a province, this cemetery tells the story of over 200 years of courage and perseverance.